Trend LOCK/JIG Router Lock Jig + Templates

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The Trend LOCK/JIG Router Lock Jig is user friendly and very fast to set up to any door width from 34mm to 58mm.


The Trend LOCK/JIG Router Lock Jig is user friendly and very fast to set up to any door width from 34mm to 58mm.

A contractor jig with interchangeable templates for use with a plunge router to cut the mortise & face-plate recess for popular door locks.

This Trade Jig features adjustable sliding inserts, which allows faceplate and mortise recesses for to be routed with a plunge router.

For most common sash mortises & dead locks, with up to 3 inch deep mortises & a 7/8 inch or 1 inch face-plate.

Included with the Trend LOCK/JIG Router Lock Jig is a set of 12 lock face plate and 4 lock case templates.

They are held in the Lock Jig with magnets for fast swapping, requiring just one router and cutter to do both the lock case mortice and the faceplate.

Each template is clearly marked to show what lock it is compatible with (4-lettered plates for lock cases and 12-numbered plates for the faceplates). This will speed up the selection process for user and eliminate any expensive errors.

To ensure full potential, the Lock Jig from Trend requires a 1/2-inch plunge router with an 80mm plunge, fitted with a 30mm guide bush with 6mm spigot & a 12mm diameter long reach cutter.

A 1/4" plunge router can be used for the face plate but will not achieve the full depth of mortise.


  • Fast, clean & accurate results on doors even in hardwood
  • Quick and easy to set up using engraved lines for lock size and door sizes
  • Engraved for 16mm and 19mm lock width and 22.5mm and 25.4mm face plate widths
  • Measuring required for other lock widths
  • Engraved on underside to allow set up for 35mm, 40mm, 44mm and 54mm door widths
  • Deeper mortises can be achieved with a suitable size of auger bit

In the Box 

  • 1 x Trend LOCK/JIG/ Router Lock Jig
  • 1 x Guide Bush Collar
  • 4 x Mortise Templates 
  • 12 x Face Plate Templates 
  • 6 x Spacer Fingers


  • Door thickness min.: 34 mm
  • Door thickness max.: 58 mm
  • Template outer size: 234.3 x 59.8 x1.5mm
  • Metric (Imperial approx.) (D x OL): Template
  • 22.2x156 mm (7/8"x 6 1/8"): 1
  • 22.5x152.5 mm (7/8"x 6"): 2
  • 25.4x121 mm (1"x 4 3/4"): 3
  • 25.4x127.5 mm (1"x 5"): 4
  • 25.4x133.5 mm (1"x 5 1/4"): 5
  • 25.4x145 mm (1"x 5 3/4"): 6
  • 25.4x153 mm (1"x 6"): 7
  • 25.4x156.5 mm (1"x 6"): 8
  • 25.4x165.5 mm (1"x 6 1/2"): 9
  • 25.4x177 mm (1"x 7"): 10
  • 25x57.5 mm (1"x 2 1/4"): 11 UPPER
  • 26x56.5 mm (1"x 2 1/4"): 11 LOWER
  • 25.6x162mm (1"x 6 3/8"): 12

    Mortise Lock Dimensions

  • Imperial (Metric) (D x OL):Template
  • 16x72 mm* (5/8" x 2 7/8"): A
  • 16x107 mm* (5/8" x 4 1/4"): B
  • 19x78 mm* (3/4" x 3 1/8"): C
  • 19x109 mm* (3/4" x 4 1/4"): D
  • 24 mm x 24 mm (2 x circle)
  • *These are maximum mortise lock case (body) lengths, unless radius ends are squared with a chisel. Actual length of mortise is 7mm longer.
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