Darcy Spillcare Products

Darcy Spillcare specialise in the manufacture of spillage solutions including absorbent socks, cushions, pads, rolls, granules & drain mats, accessories such as disposal bags & security tags, and complete maintenance, chemical & oil spill kits.

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Established in 1935, Darcy Spillcare specialises in the manufacture and provision of spillage solutions, helping sites to achieve environmental and ISO compliance and care for the environment.

Spillages occur in almost limitless variety and Darcy Spillcare aim to manufacture quality products that will help clean up or, better yet, prevent these spills to avoid causing further harm to the environment.

Their products range from absorbent socks, cushions, pads and rolls, to absorbent granules and drain mats, from accessories such as disposal bags and security tags, to comprehensive maintenance, chemical and oil spill kits.