ToughBuilt Mitre Saw Stands & V Roller Stands

ToughBuilt manufacture heavy duty universal mitre saw stands and v roller stands suitable for various brands of mitre saws & chop saws

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  1. ToughBuilt TB-S510 Universal Mitre Saw Stand 195cm

    ToughBuilt TB-S510 Universal Mitre Saw Stand 195cm

    £149.95 £124.96 As low as £145.45
  2. ToughBuilt TB-S220 V-Roller Stand

    ToughBuilt TB-S220 V-Roller Stand

    £36.98 £30.82 As low as £35.88

Looking for reliable and durable mitre saw stands and roller stands? Scott Direct has your solution with our range of ToughBuilt products. As a leading manufacturer, ToughBuilt has designed heavy-duty and universal stands suitable for various brands of mitre saws and chop saws.

ToughBuilt Mitre Saw Stands are designed to provide stability and flexibility during your woodcutting projects. With their robust construction, these stands can easily support even the heaviest saws, ensuring accurate and precise cuts every time. The universal design means they are compatible with most major brands, making them a versatile addition to your workshop.

In addition to the mitre saw stands, ToughBuilt also offers V Roller Stands, which are perfect for supporting long materials such as timber, pipes, and even metal sheets. These roller stands feature adjustable height and width, allowing you to customise them to the specific needs of your project. The V-shaped rollers provide excellent support and prevent materials from slipping or rolling during cutting, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Scott Direct understands the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to your tools and equipment. That's why we have partnered with ToughBuilt, a company known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you are a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, ToughBuilt Mitre Saw Stands and V Roller Stands are designed to meet your needs and withstand the demands of your projects.

So, why compromise on quality when it comes to your mitre saw and roller stands?

Choose ToughBuilt and experience the difference. Explore our range of ToughBuilt products today and take your woodworking to the next level.