Skytec Eye, Face & Neck Protection

Scott Direct offers a range of comprehensive eye, face & neck protection products from Skytec, including chemical hoods, neck capes & visors. Keep yourself safe in the laboratory with high-quality, reliable and durable safety gear.

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  1. Skytec CMH4 Chemmaster Chemical Protective Hood

    Skytec CMH4 Chemmaster Chemical Protective Hood

    £80.22 £66.85 As low as £77.81
  2. Skytec CMH2 Chemmaster Neck Cape & Visor Headgear

    Skytec CMH2 Chemmaster Neck Cape & Visor Headgear

    £63.41 £52.84 As low as £61.50

Skytec Eye, Face & Neck Protection is a range of high-quality protective gear designed for ultimate chemical protection. Whether you work in a laboratory or the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Skytec has got you covered.

This range includes a variety of protective gear such as chemical hoods, visors and neck capes, offering a comprehensive solution for your safety needs. Skytec's Chemmaster range includes the chemical hood and the neck cape & visor system, both specifically designed to provide protection against chemical splashes and other hazardous substances. They are made from robust, high tear and abrasion resistant PVC, ensuring long-lasting performance.

With integrated visors, these safety garments provide full eye and face protection against chemical hazards while ensuring a clear and unobstructed view. Offering excellent visibility, these headgear solutions allow you to work with confidence and peace of mind.

With Skytec Eye, Face & Neck Protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected by high-quality, reliable gear against chemical hazards. The range is meticulously designed to meet all safety standards and provide the utmost comfort during use. Invest in your safety today and choose Skytec Eye, Face & Neck Protection.