Polyco Thermal Protection & Electrical Insulating Gloves

Discover Scott Direct's range of Polyco Thermal Protection & Electrical Insulated Gloves for all your work needs. Stay warm, safe and protected with our cold and heat resistant gloves.

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8 Items
  1. Polyco LW93/L Weldmaster™ Premium Quality Welder’s Gauntlets

    Polyco LW93/L Weldmaster™ Premium Quality Welder’s Gauntlets

    £7.19 £5.99 As low as £6.97

Scott Direct offers a range of Thermal Protection & Electrical Insulated Gloves from Polyco, designed to provide maximum safety and comfort in various working environments.

Our range of thermal gloves includes options for different temperature ranges, from lightweight insulation for mild conditions to heavy-duty protection for extreme cold. These gloves are ideal for outdoor workers, construction workers and anyone who needs to stay warm while performing tasks in chilly conditions.

In addition to cold insulating gloves, we also offer heat protection options, including gloves tested to Level 2 (up to 250ºC) for contact heat according to EN407 as well as premium quality welder's gauntlets, which are specifically designed for Type A welding but are suitable for a large number of applications requiring heat resistance and protection.

If you work in wet or damp conditions, waterproof thermal gloves are a perfect choice. These gloves feature a waterproof outer layer to keep your hands dry, while the thermal lining keeps them warm. They're perfect for tasks that involve both water and cold temperatures, such as plumbing or outdoor maintenance.

Our Polyco range also includes Class 00 insulated gloves for electricians, designed to protect against electrical shocks. These gloves are made from non-conductive natural rubber which combines high dielectric and physical strength to provide exceptional electrical resistance, whilst remaining flexible.

Choose Scott Direct for your Thermal & Electrical Hand Protection needs and experience the highest level of comfort, safety and durability.