Trend Router Jigs

Trend Tool Technology manufacture an extensive range of router & routing jigs to make your work easier, faster and more accurate, while creating the professional finished job.

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  1. Trend LOCK/JIG Router Lock Jig + Templates

    Trend LOCK/JIG Router Lock Jig + Templates

    £90.90 £75.75

From Trend's hinge jig skeleton's & lock jigs with templates, to worktop jigs, staircase jigs, letterbox jigs & many more they are perfect for the professional tradesman or DIY enthusiest who wants a professional finish to use in conjuction with their router.

Trend's routing jigs are an excellent accessory which will save you time & money, while also resulting in an all round higher quality finished piece of work.

Easy to set up, each jig in Trends collection has been designed to be easy to use while getting the work done faster to the highest standard.